Invest in your most important and expensive resource – your VET trainers/teachers.

Rubric Training Solutions offers a complete service to help RTOs meet Standard 1, from reviewing your current practices to helping you meet the gaps, including providing professional development in quality Assessment and Training.  

Most RTOs fail audit due to poor training and assessment practices. in fact, less than 30% of RTOs meet the Standards for quality assessments when first audited by ASQA.  And now RTOs must show how their training meets the needs of learners including the volume of learning.

RTOs are also required to ensure all their trainers and assessors undertake professional development in the practice of vocational training, learning and assessment.

I can help your RTO advance the skills of your practitioners and produce quality training and assessment resources. Contact me today to organise in house workshops and/or guidance for your VET practitioners customised to the needs of your RTO.

Below are examples of the types of professional development I can provide.


Rubric Training Solutions works with your RTO to ensure you conduct quality assessment according to Standard 1 of the Standards for RTOs.  This can begin with reviewing what you already have in place and then helping you fill the gaps.

Often this means developing the skills of your staff, especially around developing or modifying assessments that meet the Standard required.

Based on working with hundreds of practitioners over 11 years, I have developed the Rubric VET Assessment Cycle to step people through a structured process for developing, reviewing and delivering assessment.

Below are examples of Assessment workshops I run, designed around each stage of the Rubric VET Assessment cycle.  These can all be tailored to suit your needs.

Each one can be delivered individually or for maximum impact;as a 3 day Quality Assessment Program

Assessment workshops for each stage in the VET Assessment Cycle


3 day quality assessments program – plan, develop, map and validate

Invest in a 3 day program spread over 3 weeks to three months to maximise the outcomes for your RTO and staff.

Participants are guided through developing quality assessments, from planning to validating, for one unit of competency they currently deliver.  Teachers and managers can then use these as a benchmark for other units.

I work closely with your RTO to contextualise the program and embed it in your practices or can provide advice on policies/procedures and templates prior to running the workshops.

Note: Your own RTO templates can be used or you can licence templates developed by Rubric Training Solutions to use in your RTO (at a 10% discount).

Excellent training course. I really enjoyed it.

A thoroughly informative and inspiring 3 days A really useful PD.

Thank you, I would like all my colleagues and managers to do this program.


Developing delivery plans (to maximise learning and capture amount of learning)

½ day to 1 day workshop

RTOs must have evidence of how their training meets the needs of their learners including the volume of learning.

If you need help to design and document a training plan this workshop is for your RTO.


  • Key content and training activities will be sequenced and documented in a delivery plan to guide a consistent approach to training.
  • The delivery plan will capture the amount of learning for each unit – a requirement in the Standards for RTOs 2015

Note: Your own unit delivery plan template can be used or you can licence a template developed by Rubric Training Solutions to use in your RTO (at a 10% discount).