Conducting Validation: ASQA Fact Sheet

A link to the fact sheet on conducting validation under the new Standards for RTOs 2015

Quality Assessments: practice and perspectives (Misko et al, 2014)

A study looking at assessment approaches used by private and public providers delivering CIII qualifications in aged care and child care sectors.  This report looks at the issues regarding assessment in VET.

ASQA Guide to Developing Assessment Tools

A guide designed to help RTOs and assessors develop practical assessment tools that meet the Standards for RTOs 2015

It's all about work... Excellent adult vocational teaching and learning (2013)

An excellent report resulting from extensive evidence and contributions looking at the VET sector in the UK to identify excellence in teaching and learning and making recommendations as to how to achieve this more consistently

Faculty Focus

One of my favourite sites for ideas on effective teaching strategies for college (read VET and Higher education) teachers


A website full of ideas for quality teaching and assessment. Although it is designed for K-12 schools, there are plenty of gems of ideas for VET teachers

Industry currency and professional obsolescence: what can industry tell us?

A report looking at the issues of industry currency from the viewpoint of those working various industries to investigate
how those working in these areas maintain industry currency. The aim being to find out how VET practitioners might implement some of these practices.
Clayton, B, Jonas, P, Harding, R, Harris, M & Toze, M 2013

Interpreting competencies in Australian vocational education and training: practices and issues

An interesting study of how well VET practitioners are interpreting units of competency
S. Hodge (2014)

Assessment issues in VET: minimising the level of risk

An informative report on the quality of assessments across public and private RTOs and different industry sectors.
Halliday-Wynes, S. & Misko, J. (2013)

Quality is the key: Critical issues in teaching, learning and assessment in VET (2006)

Although an old report now, it makes for an interesting read as all the critical issues identified in terms of the skills and resources needed by VET practitioners for a quality vet system are still issues today.  Mitchell, J., Chappell, C., Bateman, A., & Roy, S. (2006)

The quality of teaching in VET (2011)

Final report and recommendations on a research project looking at what makes for quality teaching in the VET sector in Australia. Wheelahan, L. & Moodie, G. (2011)

Universal Design Principles Checklist

This checklist is a tool for vocational education and training providers for assessing
materials and communications and enhancing accessibility for everyone.

Best Practice in Sustainable Industry Engagement for the VET sector

A guide developed by ACPET (2010).

Assessments in VET (2015)

A practical guide to VET assessments development by the WA Government

Vet Quality Report (2013)

A report looking at the VET quality that includes numerous recommendations that have made their way into the Standards for RTOs 2015.

Reasonable adjustment in teaching, learning and assessment QLD VET Development Centre (2010)

Reasonable Adjustment in teaching, learning and assessment for learners with a disability.
QLD VET Development Centre (2010)