RTO Training and Assessment Planning Calendar

In my work with RTOs as a consultant, I have found that the majority do not have a centralised, coordinated plan of key actions to carry out for the year ahead.

As the saying goes, Fail to Plan and you Plan to Fail.

To help RTOs plan for the year ahead, I have developed this simple template that you can use to plan for completing tasks that will make a difference to the quality of your training and assessment.

Assessment methods and tools

A list of common assessment methods and tools for VET teachers, with a description of each one, ideas for when to use them and the Rubric Training Solutions Assessment Tool templates to use for the different methods.  To find out how to licence the Assessment Templates go to Rubric Training Solutions Shop

Rubric VET Assessment Cycle Diagram

A number of clients (and others) have asked if they can use the Rubric VET Assessment Cycle diagram in their RTO.  So I have added a high resolution jpg here for your to download a copy to use as a poster in your RTO or sharing with staff.   Please retain the copyright statement to attribute it as the work of Rubric Training Solutions.

Article published in RTO Success Magazine (2013)

An article I wrote on how to support VET teachers to provide quality training and assessment

Rubric for Group participation/collaboration

A rubric for self or peer assessment of team members in group work activities in vovational education and training

Rubric for Presentations

An example of a Rubric developed for the Unit, Make a Presentation but can be used or modified for assessing any student presentations. Email me if you would like a Word Version.

Rubric Guide to Meeting Standard 1

A Guide for Meeting Standard 1 for RTOs 2015.  The guide includes links to key references and a checklist for relevant policies, procedures and templates to help meet each clause or set of clauses in this Standard.