Quotes from workshop evaluations

Plan and develop assessments workshops

Looking forward to the next workshop
Great session
Really found resources very helpful. Thanks Kerrie-Anne
Presenter very adept at communicating examples and knowledge to help me understand.
Her willingness to share her knowledge and experience and give the opportunity for everyone to ask specific questions. Having the opportunity to work on an actual task that was relevant to my area of work
Excellent presentation and information
Great day with heaps of very useful information to take back to the team. I am now confident that we can do it properly
Kerrie-Anne brought things into perspective by giving real life demonstrations
Great use of slides and examples. Kept the day interesting and very informative
Well structured, very useful

Map assessments workshops
an excellent presenter who paces the delivery of information well

very thorough and even though I thought I had full understanding there were things I learnt. I’m very glad I attended the session

I would like to thank Kerrie-Anne for being a very enthusiastic teacher and for outlining this very difficult topic in simple language and simple terms – easy to understand

Great presentation. Looking forward to updating my new skill set

Thanks for all of your great work Kerrie-Anne. Was a great day, very informative and worthwhile

Amazing teacher

Excellent presentation, approachable, helpful, knowledgeable

Kerrie-Anne was very knowledgeable and was happy to evaluate existing work and give appropriate feedback to improve practice

Kerrie-Anne Sommerfeld’s ’Planning Quality Assessments’ presentation today was enlightening! A wonderfully experienced, passionate and committed woman whose insights were well received.
Excellent training course. I really enjoyed it.

Thanks for a great informative day
Great day – happy with results.

Validate assessments workshops

Real examples, practical and hands on

Great presenter

Trainer speaks and trains to our level. Offers opportunity for questions and learning.

You helped to clarify the overwhelming nature of this topic

Very clear and concise. Applying the knowledge to our RTO’s courses and templates was an incredibly worthwhile activity

Friendly and inviting presenter who provided a really inclusive culture.Respectful and genuine to the audience. Great verbal encouragement

Putting into practice and learning with a finished product and areas to go and improve

Great combination of theory and practice. Activities allowed participants to apply skills and practice to be confident to do in workplace

The program really helped me break it down and clarify what I was doing then tweaking and clarifying the areas with my weaknesses

This program came along at exactly the right time – when I have recently discovered that previous tools were inappropriate and I took It upon myself to develop new, appropriate ones

Really liked how everything was pulled together today – all made sense 

Combined program
3 day in house assessment workshops
Plan, develop, map and validate assessments

3 x Assessment workshop = GREAT! Thank you
A thoroughly informative and inspiring 3 days
A really useful PD. Thank-you
Excellent program
I would [like] all my colleagues and managers to do this program
I have used these skills and am very happy with the outcomes