Testimonials for Rubric Training Solutions

Below are testimonials for Rubric Training Solutions and Kerrie-Anne Sommerfeld

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I engaged Kerrie-Anne to facilitate small working groups based on qualification areas to deliver 6 x 1.5 day sessions on planning, developing and mapping assessments followed by 3 x 1 day validation sessions of the assessment tools developed in the first workshops.

Overall, 58 Industry Skills Centre teachers participated in both validation and the Plan, develop and map assessment workshops with great success. Kerrie-Anne worked collaboratively with me to ensure that the culture change supported and re-enforced the work being done.

The online post-program survey which Kerrie-Anne developed showed that participants rated as having the most positive change since the program were:

  • Assessments having clearer, written instructions to students (100% agreed)
  • Assessments meeting the principles of assessment (100% agreed)
  • Assessments have clear and detailed marking guides (96% agreed)
  • Feel more confident in ability to develop quality assessments (96% agreed)
  • I know how to validate assessments properly (96% agreed)
  • Students will be clearer about what is expected of them (96% agreed)
  • Assessments completed since this program don’t over assess or assess things not required by the unit (96% agreed)
  • Assessment having clearer written instructions to assessors (95% agreed)

Kerrie-Anne has quickly become a respected friend, colleague and champion of the work that FedUni VET sector is undertaking to ensure that good teaching practice embeds compliance. The project was so successful in the Industry Skills Centre, it was rolled out in October 2014 to other Faculties within the organisation.

Kerrie-Anne and I have already commenced discussion and plans for 2015 learning and teaching activities at FedUni. Watch this space and thanks Kerrie-Anne for your enthusiastic support!

Claire Rasmussen
Associate Director, Teaching Innovation and Apprenticeship Development, Industry Skills Centre, Federation University, Ballarat


It has been a pleasure to have Kerrie-Anne Sommerfeld work with our team at Federation University Australia, Mt Helen Campus.

We invited Kerrie-Anne Sommerfeld, Rubric Solutions to develop a program to train and coach lead assessment developers and VET teaching staff in the development , mapping and validation of assessment tools.

The sessions consisted of a dozen 1 1/2 day workshops on planning, developing and mapping assessments for units of competency; and a half a dozen 1 day workshops on validation, in total Kerri-Anne assisted just fewer than 100 FedUni VET staff.

This was a very positive outcome as staff have shown a greater understanding of the principles of assessment and the development of assessment and how to validate assessments correctly.

Prior to Kerrie-Anne’s sessions VET teachers struggled with understanding the assessment templates. With the guidance of Kerrie-Anne we have since updated and improved the templates, developed an online pre and post program evaluation and added a resource repository to our Moodle for VET teachers to access.

We would like to thank Kerrie-Anne for her dedication and expertise in the delivery and development of assessment tools and templates, and on behalf of all the VET teachers who have had the opportunity to be part of this program applaud her for her patience, understanding, commitment and professionalism. This will not only have an impact on student outcomes but it is the foundation to the success and development for the future VET teaching staff at Federation University.

Associate Professor Nina Fotinatos

Director, Centre for Learning Innovation and Professional Practice Federation University Australia


I engaged Kerrie-Anne in 2014 to help us reaccredit an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching course.

The course required significant revision to align to current industry requirements and standards for accredited courses.

Kerrie-Anne successfully led a small team in redeveloping the course which included major rewrites of the units of competency. This was achieved in a tight timeframe.

Kerrie-Anne demonstrated excellent project management skills and curriculum expertise. We were grateful for her guidance and skills in course accreditation and I would not hesitate calling on her again for similar projects.

Angela Hoare-Lippman. General Manager, Foundation Studies College, Centre for Adult Education (CAE)


We engaged Kerrie-Anne to assist us in re-writing course curriculum and preparing an accreditation submission for ASQA. Kerrie-Anne’s comprehensive understanding of unit of competency development and training package construction allowed us to complete our submission within a very short time frame. The course was subsequently approved by ASQA with minimal alteration. I honestly think that without Kerrie-Anne’s expert assistance we would not have achieved this result.

Rebecca Smith, former Course Coordinator, Community Services, Health & Wellbeing, Centre For Adult Education now Course Coordinator, Academy of Yoga Learning


Kerrie-Anne was engaged to deliver a range of workshops for teaching staff to assist in improving the quality of our Assessment materials. She ran a total of 3 workshops, covering Developing Quality Assessment Tools, Mapping tools and Validating Assessment tools.

Kerrie-Anne has a wonderful ability to provide information in a way that turned what initially seemed a daunting prospect into a task that was achievable.

Our teachers all found her suggestions and the workshops highly valuable and the fact that she utilised our existing templates made the whole process easier to follow and put into practice once she had gone.

I would strongly recommend Kerrie-Anne’s services.

Valissa Clarke, Resource Development Coordinator, Goulburn Ovens Institute of TAFE (GOTAFE)


I engaged Kerrie-Anne in the last few months of 2013 to help us maintain and enhance our RTO operations and assessments. During that period, she has undertaken a review of our RTO policies, procedures and key templates against the VET Quality Framework standards. Her review was comprehensive and included numerous recommendations and suggestions for improvement, as well as identifying the areas in which we are doing well. It has provided us with a practical and helpful plan to guide continuous improvement of our RTO.

Kerrie-Anne has also worked with myself and our RTO trainers to validate, map and improve our assessments. Using her templates, we have improved our assessment tools as well as developed our skills and knowledge of developing quality assessments.

Kerrie-Anne was fantastic to work with – her extensive knowledge and experience was evident in the assistance and advice she provided and her excellent interpersonal skills enabled her to work with staff in a very positive and constructive manner.

Genevieve Nolan, Programs Manager
Training, Information and Programs Unit
Arthritis and Osteoporosis Victoria



I am writing to thank you for the 3 day Advanced Assessment workshop you conducted at the Hunter Institute of TAFE in November 2013.

From our initial contact, your williness to create a customised experience for the organisation was evident and highly appreciated. Throughout the planning process, you constantly requested feedback on the suitability of the agenda and endeavoured to contextualise the resources to meet our business needs. The feedback you provided on our current resources and processes was professional and credible, and will provide a platform to developing the organisation’s quality improvement process.

The feedback received from the participates of the 3 day workshop has been highly positive. Already I have had requests for you to return for further workshops!

The resources you provided on the day were engaging and challenging and ensured the participates developed their understanding of developing quality assessment tools.

Your delivery style was professional and friendly, and you had a willingness to challenge and debate participates interpretation of assessment and validation.

Overall the event was huge success and I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to another organisation.

Thank you, and I look forward to working with you again in the near future

Kind Regards,

Gary Sewell
Training Package Facilitator | Workforce Development, TAFE NSW Hunter Institute


Kerrie-Anne is a pure expert in the field of Training and Assessment. She has single handledly turned my business from a good business into a simply outstanding RTO. I will be hiring Kerrie-Anne for Professional Development sessions for myself and my staff. I would recommend her to anyone needing help in this field.

Tanya Ahmed, Owner, Sharkra Medi Spa and Academy of Aesthetics


Kerrie-Anne is well versed in the issues facing VET practitioners and organisations as they move into improving their digital literacy skills and competencies. Kerrie-Anne has broad and extensive experience designing and developing training programs to meet the emerging priorities of practitioners and organisations.

Denise Stevens, CEO, VET Development Centre


Kerrie-Anne is an experienced leader and innovator in the design and delivery of global curriculum solutions. She has led international teams working on a range of projects including new course design, mobility programs and research. I was fortunate to work with Kerrie-Anne in her role at Box Hill and through a national committee that she chaired on mobility in VET sector. Her passion for the sector and her high level understanding of globalised training are two of her key strengths.

Rebecca Hall, A/Deputy Director International at Griffith University


“I have worked with Kerrie-Anne over a number of years in various capacities within the Vocational Education and Training sector. Kerrie-Anne has a deep understanding of the sector, and I have always found her to be a valuable source of effective and innovative solutions. Her professionalism, and her commitment and enthusiasm to her work is inspiring, and I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Judy Roberts, Employment and Training Coordinator at Brotherhood of St Laurence


I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent working with Kerrie-Anne. She has a thorough knowledge of the VET sector and a deep desire to improve the quality of training and assessment for all stakeholders involved in the sector, particular the students. Her motto – growth follows quality – was evident in the way she approached all her allocated responsibilities. Her particular strengths are teacher professional development, designing assessment tools, engaging industry and validation/moderation.

Sharon Griffiths, Executive Manager, Academic Special Projects at Box Hill Institute


Kerrie-Anne is someone who is happy to share her VET related expertise and insights freely. I found her to be a supportive colleague and passionate advocate for excellence in VET teaching, who was and is keen to assist teachers enhance their skills and abilities. Her main aim is to ensure that both teachers and students have the best possible learning experience. She is a big loss to Box Hill Institute!

Michael Zangmeister, Senior Educator, Box Hill Institute